In 2016, the shooting of the full-length film "Sparta" was completed. shooting took place in St. Petersburg. The format of the film is sports drama. The film was shot by the Argo Film film company. Such famous movie and sports stars as Denis Nikiforov, Vladimir Epifantsev, Nikolay Kudryashov, Alexander Shlemenko, Andrey Semenov, Yan Tsapnik, Maxim Konovalov, Natalya Vlasova took part in the film. .. The film will be released on August 25 in Russian cinemas.

Kudryashov Nikolay Vyacheslavovich the founder of the Federation of fights without rules in Russia since 1997, the first fights in which Kudryashov Nikolai participated were held in nightclubs in the city of St. Petersburg and on the sandy beaches of Anapa.

Nikolai Kudryashov, 1999 Champion of Russia in "Fighting without rules" in 1999. The championship was held in St. Petersburg at the Yubileiny Sports Palace, with no weight limit.

Nikolay Kudryashov, world champion in "fights without rules" in 2000. At the championship held in Greece, Michael Bofete defeated in the final battle.

Nikolay Kudryashov lost the world title "fights without rules" Tony Terezau (Brazil) in 2001, the championship "Russia against the world"

Nikolay Kudryashov, world champion in freestyle wrestling in 2004, held in Greece on the island of Crete.

In 2003, Nikolai Kudryashov starred in the feature film “Game without rules”, documentary shots with vivid game scenes are surprisingly interwoven here. Real fighters and fights, in which both the brightest stars of “fighting without rules” and actors, many of who are also representatives of various types of martial arts. Thus, the film captures the most vivid fights, championships and superstars of fights without rules; more than 30 Champions are involved in the film, different types of martial arts. This turns the film into a unique document about a popular sport. But, paradoxically, this striking feature of the film is only one of the parallels in relation to its main theme. A cast from the life of magnificent St. Petersburg, with its nightclubs, drugs, greedy "authorities", athletes who uphold their idea "for a healthy lifestyle, for a life without drugs", and for this reason are drawn into their deaths against their will " game without rules. " Despite the fictional plot, the film is accurate in its part of the game. The action takes place in real clubs, halls, apartments, temples. Modern Petersburg is a full-fledged "hero" of the film.

In 2005, Nikolay Kudryashov starred in the movie "Mortal Combat" - recruit training director Sergei Snezhkin

In 2009, Nikolai Kudryashov starred in the feature film "Attraction", a professional ring raised Slava’s self-confidence and decisiveness, therefore Slava wins her life problems quickly and clearly. That is why it is attractive to women and dangerous to rivals. After the next championship, Slava decides to leave St. Petersburg south to establish a seemingly peaceful business attraction. But he did not expect that the result of a showdown with competitors would be the death of his friends. To put everything in its place, Slava is forced to organize another attraction - now bloody.

In 2011, Nikolai Kudryashov starred in the comedy thriller "Gouging"

In 2015 came the film "Oil Painting"

in 2012, work began on a project under the working title "Island of Dreams", where Nikolai Kudryashov played the main role. In 2018, work on the film was continued. The film is released under the title "Crazy Journey" in 2020

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